Water-repellent Better Eco Flooring
in certified natural quality

3 Better Eco Flooring products to dream about

Dekor Ökobesserboden Oak Pure SR101 von susifyÖkobesserboden 101 Oak Pure von susify im Badezimmer
Dekor Ökobesserboden Oak White SR308 von susifyÖkobesserboden 101 Oak Pure von susify im Badezimmer
Ökobesserboden Oak White SR313 von susifyÖkobesserboden 101 Oak Pure von susify im Badezimmer

Real wood and outstanding healthy living benefits


FSC® certified

Our raw materials are produced sustainably. This is how you preserve nature’s treasures for your children with susify.

100 % PVC-free

susify is free of plasticisers. Which means it won’t create any issues for your family’s health or your own.


Whether it’s leftover drinks, wet shoes or moisture: susify floors can cope with water and make your life easier.

Healthy for your home

susify is emission-free and does nor contain any solvents or harmful substances. Good for you and your family.

Easy to install

You can install susify cleanly, quickly and easily yourself. In no time at all if you follow our installation instructions.

For every living space

susify is suitable for the whole house. Even for damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens and areas subject to heavy wear.


susify provides a pleasantly warm feeling under your feet. It feels good and helps you retain your body heat.

Easy to clean

You can clean susify in no time. Damp mopping or vacuuming is usually enough. And your floor looks like new.

Up to 170 m²

You can lay susify over large areas, up to 13 x 13 m, without any expansion joints. For a look as if cast from a single mould.

The world’s first Better Eco Flooring with
an FSC® certified core

With this floor covering, the way you live has environmental benefits. The core board, backing and real wood surface are FSC® certified (FSC® C017145). The protective varnish prevents damage. The finish ensures an outstanding appearance. And lets you feel the pleasant grain of the wood.

Bodenplanersusify-Böden online planen: Vorschau mit Ökobesserboden

Plan your Better Eco Flooring now online

What will your rooms look like with susify? You can use our floor planner to find out in no time! There are two options for this. Either choose one of the pre-loaded pictures. Or you can take a picture of your room and use this as a background. And you can already see what your dream floor will look like in your home. It’s fun, give it a try right now: