susify Flooring Step by step guide to laying correctly

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YOU can always lay susify flooring yourself! These installation instructions will give you with all the important tips and tricks. And you will find out which tools you need to lay your floor. Further down you will also find easy-to-follow laying instructions. You will also find helpful pictures there that illustrate the most important techniques.

Are you ready to get started now? OK you can go straight to the useful hints: Preparation, laying susify flooring and cleaning and maintaining susify flooring.

What You need

    Universal knife
    Carpenter’s square
    Tapping block
     Rubber hammer
    Jigsaw or an electrical saw
    Knee pads are optional

Important laying instructions

Advice on the temperature

Ambient temperature

We recommend a temperature of 13 – 32 °C and 35 – 60% relative humidity


We recommend acclimatising the susify flooring inside the room where it will be laid for at least 24 hours (at between 13 and 32 °C).

Instructions for the surface and the subsurface

Maximum area

170 m² (13 x 13 m)

Supporting mat

Minimum 400 kPa/m² compressive strength, maximum thickness 1.5 mm (no foam)

Vapour-proof membrane

Recommended for laying in bathrooms or damp rooms.

Underfloor heating

susify is designed for hot water underfloor heating systems, but not for electric heating mats. The surface temperature should not exceed a maximum temperature of 35°C.

Laying instructions

Edge clearance

At least 8 mm distance from the walls, pipes and around any heavy fixed objects, wall cupboards, kitchens, etc. up to a maximum area of 170 m². In larger rooms, additional expansion joints must be provided.


NOT RECOMMENDED – this will void the warranty claim!

Important laying instructions

susify flooring should only be installed at room temperatures between 13° – 32° C. Make sure that the product is acclimatised for 24 hours inside of the room where it will be laid at the room temperatures indicated. Extreme heat or cold may damage the interlocking system.

Measure the length and width of your room. If the room has niches, measure these separately. This will give you with the floor area of the room. Buy at least 10 – 15 % more so you can to account for any imperfections, offcuts or replacements.

Batch uniformity/defects: Before laying, the flooring should be checked for batch uniformity, conformity with the sample material and for defects. Planks that already show visible defects before being laid should not be used.

Please note: susify is designed for indoor use only.
Do not lay the floor on existing carpets, foam underlays or inside saunas, solariums, weekend houses or conservatories where there is a wide range of temperature variation. The temperature difference (day/night) should not exceed 30° C.

susify is a floating floor and must be able to expand and retract freely. As a result, do NOT fix it to the subfloor with screws, nails or any glue. Install washbasins, kitchen furniture and island units onto the subfloor and then install the susify around these objects.

1. Preparation

Verlegeanleitung susify: Zargen kürzen

Acclimatise the panels

Store the panels at normal room humidity and temperature for 24 hours, horizontally where you want to lay your floor.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Unebenheiten ausgleichen

Levelling out surface unevenness

The subsurface area of the floor must be firm, clean, dry and even. You can manually level out height differences of up to 3 mm over a length of 1 m.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Teppichboden entfernen

Remove carpet

Never lay Better Eco Flooring on carpeted floors. This type of flooring is not firm enough as a subfloor and is also unsanitary.

Verlegeanleitung susify: schwimmend verlegen

Floating installation

The flooring may not be secured to the subfloor under any circumstances (nails, screws). Hammering with a metal hammer may damage the click connection.

Verlegeanleitung susify: optimale Verlegerichtung

Ideal installation angle

The best way to install the panels is with the long edge parallel to direct incoming light. The temperature in the room should never exceed 35 °C.

Wasserabweisende Ökobesserböden von susify

Hot water subfloor heating

You can install your Better Eco Flooring on top of hot water underfloor heating systems without any concerns. Please do not install it on electric floor heating systems!

Verlegeanleitung susify: ohne Dehungsfuge

No more than 13 m without an expansion joint

If the floor area that needs to be connected has a length greater than 13 m, then you must provide an 8 mm wide expansion joint every 13 m.

Verlegeanleitung susify: PE-Folie als Dampfbremse

PE film as a vapour brake

The film should be installed under the panels. It stops humidity damaging the masonry and prevents the formation of mould.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Dekore durchmischen

Healthy mixing of the patterns

During laying, we recommend intermixing the planks from at least 3 packages.

Avoid overloading

Better Eco Flooring is able to withstand up to 60 tonnes per square meter. If the weight of your furniture is more than this, the floor covering may be damaged. Warranty claims will become void if foam underlays are used.

2. Laying susify flooring

Verlegeanleitung susify: Nur fehlerfreie Dielen verlegen

Only lay defect-free boards

Check the panels for damage immediately after unpacking. Defective panels should not be laid.

Verlegeanleitung susify: schwimmend verlegen

Longitudinal end pieces

Please measure the room before laying the flooring. The longitudinal end pieces must be at least 5 cm wide.

Verlegeanleitung susify: schwimmend verlegen

No springs at the edge

Install on the wall or around the object panels with the nut on the wall side or on the surface side of the object. Just cut this if necessary.

Verlegeanleitung susify: schiefe Wand ausgleichen

Inclined wall

Draw the shape of your wall onto the panels with a pencil and a scrap piece of paper. Cut the panels to fit exactly along the line you have drawn.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Anstellwinkel der Paneele beim Verbinden

At the correct angle

Insert the spring of the panel that needs to be laid at an angle of 10 to 15 degrees into the nut of a panel that has already been laid.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Reihenfolge einhalten beim Verlegen

Follow the sequence

1: Click the spring into the nut. 2: Press the short sides together. 3 and 4: Push panel down. 5: Use a rubber mallet to push the panel down.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Kanten kontrollieren

Check the edges

Check the edges and the corners to make sure that the panels that have been laid are properly connected to each another.

Verlegeanleitung susify: mindestens 20 cm Versatz

Minimum offset of 20 cm

The short edges (head joints) must always be offset by a minimum of 20 cm from row to row.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Endstücke kürzen

Trim the end pieces

Make a cutting mark with the guide angle at the chosen position. Table saw: Decorative side up. Jigsaw: bottom side up.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Nur fehlerfreie Dielen verlegen

Check the click connection

Check that the connection is clicked in properly

Verlegeanleitung susify: abgesägte Endtücke

Sawn-off end pieces

You can use the end piece that was sawn off in the last row as the first panel in the new row if it is at least 20 cm long.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Nicht unter Objekten verlegen

Do not install underneath any objects

First place your furniture in the room and then lay your Better Eco Flooring around the objects – not underneath them.

Verlegenanleitung susify:

Cut-outs for pipes

Diameter: 5 to 10 mm larger than the pipe. Mark, drill holes, saw out part at an angle (illustration) and attach.

Verlegeanleitung: Zargen kürzen

Reducing the length of the frames (door frames)

Place a leftover piece on the frame with the decor facing downwards. By doing this, you can reduce the height of the frame to match the height of the panels.

Verlegeanleiotung susify:

Removing spacers

You only need edge spacers during the laying process. Remove these as soon as your Better Eco Flooring has been completed.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Abstand rund um Objekte

Distance around objects

Make sure that your Better Eco Flooring is 8 to 10 mm away from any walls or pillars in the room.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Verlegemuster

Installation pattern

You can fit your Better Eco Flooring in a regular pattern (shown in the picture above on the left) or an irregular pattern (shown in the picture above on the right).

3. Cleaning and maintaining susify flooring

Verlegeanleitung susify: Ökobesserböden reinigen

Cleaning the Better Eco Flooring

susify floor coverings are very low maintenance: vacuuming, damp mopping or sweeping with a broom is sufficient. Please do not use a wet vacuum cleaner.

Verlegeanleitung susify: geeignete Reinigungsmittel

Recommended cleaning agents

Feel free to add some all-purpose cleaner to your water as you mop the floor. Please do not use any alkaline cleaning agents.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Schmutzfangmatten auslegen

Fitting dirt-trapping mats

Better Eco Flooring is able to withstand almost anything. Even so, you should protect your floor covering from dirt particles and scratches.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Filz für Füsse

Felt for the feet

Make sure that you always place pieces of felt on the feet of chairs, tables and under pieces of other furniture. This will protect the floor covering from scratches.

Verlegeanleitung susify: Schutzmatten und Rollen

Soft castors and protective mats

Office chairs should have castors with soft treads or soft castors. Protective mats are helpful in high-traffic areas.

Verlegeanleitung susify: optimales Raumklima

Ideal room temperature

Your Better Eco Flooring feels most comfortable at a temperature of 20 °C and at a room humidity level of between 35 and 60 per cent.